Earth Day 2014:  Sustain Greenville hosts an event on Saturday, April 19, 2014.  Click Here.

Earth Day is always celebrated nationally on April 22, but we have to find a suitable weekend for our activities.


There will be a free lecture program on the practice of raising hens.  May 17, 2014.  
Click Here to see the event flyer.

Specifically, laying hens are approved in many communities. Sustain Greenville has been working for several years to get the Town Board to consider an ordinance, and they have listened.  A summary of the current status of the proposal can be seen by clicking on link below.

Current status of Chicken Ordinance. 

There will be a free lecture program on the practice of raising hens.  May 17, 2014.
Click Here to see the event flyer.


Sustain Greenville is excited about the success of the Greenville Farmers Market in its new location at the corner of Hwy 76 and Parkview Drive.  It is getting bigger and better every week!  This location is easier to see from the road and is a great location to walk or bicycle to.  Come and check us out every Wednesday from 3:00 to 7:00pm.  We will be open all of September and the first Wednesday in October.  When you stop in, make sure to thank John Packwood for all of his work organizing the Farmers Market and keeping everything going so well.


We receive a lot of questions about Rain Barrels.  Yes, we are still selling rain barrels.  You may purchase them assembled or unassembled.  Please stop in at the Town Hall to pay for and pick up your Rain Barrel.  Rain Barrels are connected to your Down Spouts.  They collect rain water from your roof.  You can then use this rain water to water your lawn, flowers, vegetables & trees.  Your plants prefer rain water to municipal water and the rain water is free!  Collecting and using rain water also helps reduce rain water runoff which has many detrimental effects to our environment.  When you use a rain barrel you are helping your community.


Sustain Greenville partnered with Greenville Elementary School for our first Gym Shoe Shuffle.  Parents gave permission for us to collect their children’s too small gym shoes at the end of the school year.  These shoes were only worn for indoor gym class and are in great condition.  We cleaned them and put them out for parents to take at registration for their children to use this school year.  Only three pair of shoes remained at the end of the distribution; all shoes were moved to new users.  Observed that many kids have outgrown shoes within the school year; these would be available for exchange/re-use.  We are considering a mid-year communication for collection of shoes to capture donations.

We give a big thank you to all of the parents who donated their children’s too small shoes.  We kept them out of the landfill and are helping them be reused!


Sustain Greenville has partnered with the schools of Hortonville School District to build raised bed gardens at the schools.  Some are complete and some are still in the planning stage.  These gardens will be planted and maintained by students.  So far this is going great!!!

The second stage of Farm to School is to get local farmers to sell their produce to the schools.  If you have a green thumb let us know and we can help you get your healthy produce to our children at school.

(More on Chickens [hens] )

We have been receiving a lot of support for allowing all Greenville residents to have a few hens (no roosters allowed) on their property for eggs and as pets.  The chicken coop would need to meet standards for appearance and proximity to your property lines.  Hens are very quiet and eat a lot of bugs!  The city of Neenah has had a very successful chicken ordinance for several years.  We are working on bringing an ordinance to the Town of Greenville to approve.  We would love to hear your suggestions and support!

Greenville is a great community!  We have many wonderful groups to help improve our community.  If you are looking for a way to help make Greenville even better, please consider Sustain Greenville.  You can come to our meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Town Hall at 6:30.  You can email us at


Sustain Greenville is starting to plan projects for 2013.  This is a great time for new members to come to a meeting and suggest projects that support our mission statement.  If there are "green" ideas you have for living in this community, Sustain Greenville is the supporting organization you need to get your ideas off the ground.  This is how the Community Garden and Farmer's Market got started.  Other successes have been...

Bike racks installed.
Seminars on gardening, composting, lawn care.
Earth Day seminar on renewable energy.
Constructing and selling rain barrels.
Education on storm water and downspouts.
Our members support the middle school "Up-Cycle" program.

Please give us your support and join us for awhile.