Bike Rack Design project open to students.  Click here to read rules.

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FREE COMPOST DELIVERY Sustain Greenville will be celebrating Earth Day this year by delivering compost to Greenville residents on the morning of Saturday, April 25th. We will bring up to a half yard of compost to the first 24 residents who sign up. If you are unable to pick up compost on your own, let us help you, free of charge! We will also deliver any rain barrels that you purchase. Email us,  or call 757-5570

RAIN BARRELS We receive a lot of questions about Rain Barrels. Yes, we are still selling rain barrels. You may purchase them assembled or unassembled. Please stop in at the Town Hall to pay for and pick up your Rain Barrel. Connect Rain Barrels to your down spouts and they collect rain water from your roof. Use this rain water to water your lawn, flowers, vegetables & trees. Your plants prefer rain water to municipal water and the rain water is free! Collecting and using rain water also helps reduce rain water runoff which has many detrimental effects to our environment. When you use a rain barrel you are helping your community.

TRASH TO TREASURE Trash to Treasure will be Sunday, May 17th. (the day after the town-wide rummage sale). We invite Greenville citizens to put GOOD USABLE items that they no longer want, onto the curb for others to freely take. Items must be legal and safe. Please bring in items from the curb by 7:00pm.

FARMERS MARKET Sustain Greenville is hosting our 5th year of the Greenville Farmers Market at the corner of Hwy 76 and Parkview Drive. It is getting bigger and better every year! Come and check us out every Wednesday from 3:00 to 7:00pm starting June 3rd. When you stop, make sure to thank John Packwood for all of his work organizing and running the Farmers Market. We are looking for area businesses to sponsor our weekly musicians. If you are interested in being a vendor, we charge $5.00 per week or $30.00 for the season. Contact us!

GYM SHOE SHUFFLE Sustain Greenville will be collecting gently used gym shoes. Most gym shoes are too small by summer and are in great condition. We will clean them and put them out for families to take next school year. Please donate your children’s too small shoes. Keep them out of the landfill and help an area family reuse them!

CHRISTMAS LIGHT, WIRE AND CORD RECYCLING Finally, we want to celebrate the outstanding response we had to our first Christmas lights and electric cords recycling drive. We were told to expect a small amount our first year. We were surprised when we collected 556 pounds of electrical cords and Christmas lights. We are happy to help our neighbors recycle the cords that do not work and many that were no longer safe to use. We have plans to collect again next winter! We send out a heartfelt Thank You to the twenty area businesses who hosted our recycle bins! Greenville is a great community! We have many wonderful groups that do great things for Greenville. If you are looking for a way to help make Greenville an even better, please consider Sustain Greenville. You can email us at